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ClimateProv_ Focus on Climate Change through Improv Theatre, Social Interaction and Genera

The Beginning

Climateprov is an improvised, interactive theatre performance that provokes a conversation about climate emergency through the humorous, absurd and intriguing interplay between human and AI performers using generative AI and human inputs.

The project was borne out of the BeFantastic Within Fellowship conducted by BeFantastic and FutureEverything between January to March 2022. The project received a seed grant from Pro Helvetia New Delhi and BeFantastic. It will now premiere at the FutureFantastic AI Festival in Bengaluru, India in March 2023.

What is improv theatre?

Improvised theatre is a form of spontaneous storytelling based on cues and suggestions from a live audience.


It is used to create and devise stories, scenes and narratives from scratch, in the moment without any pre-prepared script or material.


Audiences can give a suggestion about a certain relationship (eg. two lawyers) and a location (eg. shipyard), and then performers make a scene about two lawyers in a shipyard, on the spot. 

What is generative AI?

Generative AI uses inputs to generate prompts (for eg. text, image, videos etc) based on pre-defined / pre-trained models that can then be used as an input for another activity. 


In the context of creative exchange, 

we are interested in understanding how  the machine can helps us in the artistic process as well as how it be a collaborative medium while working with other artists.

Climateprov brings together improvisational theatre and generative AI to kickstart a conversation about the climate crisis.

Climateprov uses audience suggestions (ie an input) to spontaneously create a story (ie an output). Its nature to extrapolate meaning from seemingly unconnected prompts and generate a cohesive story is similar to how a generative AI model also works. 

Through the performance’s artistic medium, we will search for solutions to and representations of the public’s thoughts, opinions, relationships and perceptions about climate change.

Climateprov Team.png

The Team

The project has been conceived by a multidisciplinary team from a performing arts, technical and allied arts background.

All team members first met 
during the BeFantastic Within
Fellowship, collaborating across

different timezones and artistic

practices to discover the potential

intersections of AI and art.


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